Self Esteem & Confidence Coaching

I believe that we can all have the life we desire – but it’s up to us to make it happen.

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Professional Confidence Coaching Can Help You To:

  • Overcome self-confidence issues
  • Reduce insecurity that holds you back
  • Enable you to achieve greater things
  • Remove self-doubt and uncertainty
  • Motivate you to take action towards your full potential
  • Achieve that ‘next-level’ in life

How Confidence Coaching Works

First you must choose it! 

Choose to be the confident powerful being that you truly are. 
Once you have set your intention the work begins.


Uncovering Resistance

I will take you through my resistance reveal process. This reveals the beliefs underpinning why you are not living your confident joy filled life. Once this has been shown we can then take you through the powerful recode process to release the resistance that has been at play, to step into the divine powerful being that you truly are. 


Taking Action

I help you unpack your inspired actions to move forward with confidence and empowered to live your life fully and abundantly.

Working With Jason

I’m Jason Snaddon The Abundance Activator, and I believe we’re all-powerful beings with unlimited hidden potential. I help you shift into the divine, confident powerful being to empower your life and career. I work as an abundance activator and life coach for individuals in Melbourne and across the world to tackle their self-esteem and empower people in their life and career.

Working together, we create space so that you can shift your focus on what you truly want. You see, your focus creates your reality. And when you create using your unlimited self, the more powerful the outcomes will be. 

The more you keep aligned to what you want, the more it is likely to come forth.

The thing is we all have limiting beliefs and thoughts that play out. These are our programmes I like to call them the chatter monkey mind. 

Together, we will work through these so you can break through your limitations to align you to exactly what you want in your life and start allowing it to happen.

Is a Confidence Coach Right For You?

If you are ready, I am ready to support you. 

I offer an introduction 30-minute session to get you started and create the platform to get your programme underway. 

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to activate the life of your dreams and unlock your confident powerful being.

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