Jason delivers a compelling presentation, weaving personal experience with his learnings, to take his audience on a journey of inspiration and curiosity.

His style is casual yet compelling, approachable yet inspiring.

Whether teaching 1 or 100 people, Jason is engaging, charismatic and motivating.

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Upcoming retreats

17-20 MAY 2024,
Northern Rivers NSW

 Join us to create beyond what you have created before. 

Over the weekend we will focusing on activating awareness and presence, so that we can look deeply within and create space to magnificently go beyond what you have created before.  

The retreat includes:

  • Transfers from Ballina Airport if you choose to fly
  • Group coaching space
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork facilitation
  • Ice bath
  • Yoga
  • Bushwalk
  • Activations
  • All meals
  • A visit to my farm for Sunday lunch and native tree planting


Details to be confirmed

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Past engagements

Your Signature Vibration, free online workshop on Saturday the 13th June at 11am

Melbourne Abundance Breakfast, Tuesday 15th October, 7.30am till 9am, Cafe Republic, South Yarra

Sydney Abundance Breakfast, Wednesday 23rd October, 7.30am till 9am, Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern

Queer Meditation Melbourne, Monday 20 May

Abundance Talk and Meditation Activation held at a new venue: Green Monday Studios, 73 Gratton St, Carlton

Sydney Gay Meditation, Monday 27 May

Abundance Talk and Meditation Activation held at East Sydney Community and Arts Centre

Daylesford Abundance Activation Retreat, 21-25 March 

Gisele Gambi and I facilitated a wonderful Abundance Activation retreat to enable participants to fully immerse themselves in the expansive experience.

Presentation with the Academy of Light: Contributing to the Collective Shift in Consciousness by Living Abundantly

Monday 3rd December at Mosman Arts & Community Centre

The New Human Summit, 13-15 July – online
Jason joins extraordinary speakers at this global online summit for a series of real, raw and uncensored conversations about how we can thrive and make a difference in this changing world.

Join the summit for conversations with groups of extraordinary people alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, the internationally acclaimed developmental biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, inspirational scientist, teacher and author Dr. Joe DiSpenza and more. I am honoured to be one of their speakers. You can binge watch or select what you want when you want and simply press play. The summit will also go live and interactive with selected speakers.

Abundance Activation, 7-9 pm, Thursday 19th July at Glen Eira Town Hall, Melbourne

If you would you like to live your life with more abundance, joy and freedom, received with ease, grace and flow, please come along. I’ll be giving a talk, guiding a meditation and then energetically activating the abundance that is inherently within us all. You will gain clarity on what abundance is for you – in all areas of your life, and come away with a tangible list of inspired actions.

Your Radical Reboot – Jason was a guest expert on this amazing online summit with Robyn Lynch, Wellness Strategist, teaching and inspiring people to reset through Ayurveda, Authentic Power and Self-Love. 

Abundance Activation Events

Jason hosted events in Sydney and Melbourne to support people to live their life with more abundance, joy and freedom, with ease, grace and flow.

Testimonials from Past engagements

Abundance Workshop

Our inaugural Abundance Workshop in September was an honour to facilitate, with so many lovely participants and some real soul searching and visioning. I was really pleased to see shifts in thinking and “light bulb moments”. Feedback was incredibly positive so that you to all my guests. It was a pleasure to work with you and I’m really looking forward to hearing about your vision becoming a reality.

Money Flow

Thank you to those who attended Money Flow in April. There was lovely, positive energy in the room and lots of great feedback. Thank you!

“Loved the talk tonight. I really enjoyed the way that Jason expanded the critical path to the creation of abundance.” Trevor

“It helps me remember it’s possible!” Tim

“I really enjoyed the presentation and the life experiences which were shared. The conversation was very relevant, fun and enjoyable. I have gained a good understanding of where I need to go moving forward. Positive, rewarding and fun.” Aaron

Jason’s speaking engagement was very well received at the Academy of Light. Read more about it here.

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is compromise.

Ready to take your coaching journey one on one? I offer life coaching in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and would love to be the life coach who helps you activate your abdundance and reach for the stars.

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