Oopsie. I don’t always practice what I preach

I’ve been feeling a shift come over me, a yearning for more, especially these last couple of weeks. How about you?

I started journaling this morning, this is something I have not been doing much of this past year. I know it’s a great way to get the thoughts out and to process them and I actually teach this. It’s one of the reasons I wrote a book.

As I wrote I was reflecting on this year, and what I have achieved. I have worked with some amazing clients, helped them move through their limitations and step into what they want and it’s truly satisfying and I absolutely love what I do. However, for my own creations, I have been coasting along. I’ve been lazy and easily distracted. 

Yes I have a farm now and that has been an amazing creation and I love and feel blessed being here and it does keep me busy, but when it comes to my work, I have kept a lid on it. I haven’t put much out. One of my reasons or thoughts that kept playing out this year, there’s so much noise out there, why add to it. Maybe that is so but I realise now that’s not serving me or you.

As I wrote in my journal this morning I realised that I wasn’t doing what I fundamentally get my clients to do. I wasn’t connecting into my Land of Abundance, nor was I choosing what I want from that place. I wasn’t doing my daily choices. Essentially I was not practicing what I preach. 

All my greatest successes and manifestations have come from making clear choices and keeping connected and tuning in on them. The same goes for anyone.

I realised, as has happened to me in the past after creating something major (most recently the farm), I flounder, I forget, I become slack and I stop choosing. 

As I talk about so often, your focus creates your reality. But if you don’t choose what to focus on how can it possibly manifest? 

The wonderful thing is we always only have the present moment so we can get to shift and change in any given moment. 

What are you choosing? What would you love? And if you are not sure, start with “how do I want to feel?” Or “what would I like more of?”

One thing that I did put out this year is a free fortnightly meditation offering and it’s been so well received. Here are some of the comments.

“An amazing way to start the weekend”
“They are fabulous, really enjoy them”
“Just Magical”
“Power in numbers, so much energy”
“Really relaxed and centred me”
“Love your work Jason”

It’s such a joy to offer these meditations and as always my intention behind them is you coming away feeling good, there is nothing more important. 

Feel free to join us. Our next one is this Saturday 9.30 am AEDT.  Here is the ongoing Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 852 9801 2437
Passcode: Love

The theme this week is Power. Being centred and harnessing our inner powerful nature. Hope to see you.

Also, I am actively taking on new clients at the moment so if you are looking for some guidance, support in getting clear on what you want and breaking through those limiting barriers and finish this year off on a high, I am your man.

Reach me here.

In Love and Abundance

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