Death, love, forgiveness and retreats

In February I wrote a blog titled “The Legacy of the Dying”. You can read it here if you would like to know more. Following on from the blog, I was invited to be a guest on the Dying Your Way podcast. 

Whilst on the podcast there was some spontaneous channeled messaging that came through that I would love to share with you.

I also talked about the experiences I had in being on the journey of witnessing both of my parents’ transition in quite different ways and also the importance of having no unfinished business and being free of the soul contracts and life lessons. 

If you’re in a place or time in your life where this may be helpful, I’d love for you to listen here:

As mentioned in my last newsletter we have two retreats coming up. 
The Spring Equinox retreat is 20th-23rd September in Kangaroo Valley in the Southern Highlands of NSW with the fabulous Penny Patterson and the October Men’s retreat at Numagi in the Hunter Valley of NSW from 2nd to the 5th November,  with the incredible Guided Entrepreneur Chris Volpe.

Both of these retreats will be healing and very activating. 

The Spring Equinox will be held in beautiful Kangaroo Valley as we have been called to this area. When we are there, it will be in its full spring vibrancy, full of rebirth and new beginnings. This retreat will focus on luxury and harmony and will be about “the new”. Bringing in the new with very creative energy. If you are looking for something more or something new, this will be for you. 

At the Men’s retreat, we will be connecting to the beautiful, spiritual land of Numagi. It will be very grounding and earthy with the intention to create a balance for the masculine energy that is often occupied in a business and provider existence. We will be coming into balance with nature and the land and we will have an earthy experience that will be very healing. 

If you are curious to find out more and if you’re searching for more (of anything), please reach out and we can discuss which one might be for you. 
I also have space for new clients to be part of my Abundance Partnership program. This is where we partner for three months working intensely on grounding what you are here to create beyond what has been created before, move through and heal the resistance. 

Rather than scheduling specific sessions, I am available and holding you in the container to create your highest outcomes, and we catch up often and as required. It is such a joyous way to work and really expedites your outcomes. If this sounds interesting, please book in 30 mins with me here to explore if this to right for us to partner in this way.
Finally, meditation is back this Saturday at 9.30am. This Meditation will be a balancing and grounding meditation. Here is the Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 852 9801 2437
Passcode: Love

With great Love & Abundance

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