Good Morning!

I have been house sitting in Sydney in a different area to where I live and I go for a walk most mornings. The area where I live I know a lot of people, so generally get to say “Good Morning” and so on.

What I noticed on walking in this new area, which is much more populated, is that people don’t say “Good Morning” most seemed to have their heads down and are connected to headphones. I also felt a heavy energy in the area.

So over the last two days I decided to shift it by putting out love energy.

I simply did this by deciding to say “Good Morning” to as many people as I could. It completely changed my experience. Most people connected, they smiled, they became present, and for me I felt the same. In fact I had a big smile on my face for the complete 40 minute walk.

Give it a go next time you are out and about. I guarantee you will have fun with it.

Abundance is about what you give out, and by giving out your good energy and vibes you help others do the same and you never know it might be all someone needed that day to shift something within themselves.

Love & light


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