Love is the Antidote

It’s been a long time since I have written to you. Believe me, I have tried but I have had nothing that is until now.

It’s been feeling a bit chaotic out there. Have you noticed?

There also has been so much “stuff” coming at us, and part of my resistance to write is that I didn’t want to add to more chaos, more information, more stuff unless I felt it 100% valuable to do so.

There has been an incredible amount of information, teachings, healings, activations and ideas coming forth at this time. There’s been much happening astrologically and many of us have felt quite whacked out since the equinox and as I write this, is it a full moon.

I am sure there is great merit in the teachings from the well meaning humans out there, but to be honest, I have had an allergic reaction to a lot of it. And I wondered why. Had I lost my spiritual connection? Had I been taken over by an entity? Was I failing? Why am I not active publicly anymore? Had I simply lost the plot?

I was comparing myself to others., I should be doing this and I should be doing that…. blah blah blah. I had all of this going on. I felt quite chaotic within which, of course, is a reflection of what I was witnessing outside of self.

Yet on the flip of it all I was just getting on powerfully with those that I work with either one on one or in the meditation groups that I facilitate. Preparations for my upcoming retreat are powering along. In these areas I am in flow and I realised where I am in flow I am in my own lane creating from my own knowing.

Finally this morning I was in conversation with my colleague about how I felt, he felt it as well. Then it clicked. We had a chat about all the different perspectives and when you look at it its mostly all human constructs. We had a bit of a giggle about it all and how confusing all the ideas and information is. Really all anyone is looking for is inner peace, expansion and happiness.

I said you know what the antidote to all of it is?

It’s simply Love.

And Love comes only in the present moment. Love and the present moment are key. Immediately we both felt at ease as we dropped into love.

Try it now.

Take a breath and simply drop into love.

Feel it at your heart and let it expand.

Love. ❤️

Everything comes back to awareness of the present moment and in the present moment we can remember Love. We can orientate to the frequency of Love.

And you will always find the answers, the highest outcomes from this place.

What would Love have me do?
Where would Love have me be?
What would Love have me say?
How would Love have me respond?

There is no resistance where there is Love. There is peace where there is Love. There is ease and flow where there is Love. There is happiness where there is Love. You can shower your projects, your people with Love. Love is the key no matter what you believe (or what your human ego will have you believe).

Love is the antidote!

Join me this Saturday in meditation and we will cultivate Love. For you, for all beings and for the planet.

Meeting ID: 852 9801 2437
Passcode: Love

With love and abundance

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