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What do ya want?

You may have heard the bible saying “ask and it will be given”, “seek and you shall find”,” knock and it will be opened for you”. I’ve just googled it

The Blimmin Bedside Tables

The Blimmin Bedside Tables We bought new bedside tables. They look great and we are really happy with them. But we have old bedside tables now in the garage that

Oh Gawd, Should I Meditate?

There is so much more acceptance and knowledge now that meditation is good for us – they’re even practising it in primary schools! I know many of you would like

Big Magic Part Two

So I had accepted who I was. I actually owned being me. Yes I was finally open about being a gay man in my professional environment for the first time

Big Magic Part One

How did I go from thinking they were bullies to becoming the top sales guy? When I first started this “Abundance” work 11 years ago, I was the second to

Can I change them?

We are all in relationship with others and sometimes we have conflict with others, sometimes they do things that are not aligned with us, and sometimes we have conflict as a

Morning Practice

Do you have a morning practice? Did you know most highly successful people have a morning practice including Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg & Lady Gaga. So why? For

Get real!

I’ve talked many times about your focus creating your reality, but there is also another very important step. That step is about getting real, being honest and real with yourself

What are you attracting?

I was looking at Facebook this morning and I noticed that some people really put a lot of energy into the negative things that happen to them. Today I saw

Oh what a morning!

Have you ever had one of those days where one thing after another seems to go wrong? That was my morning… six things in a row happened to me! I

What were you thinking?

Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog for 2016. Most people talk about intentions or resolutions for the year, but I want to talk about thoughts. Did you

Where’s ya focus?

What are you focused on? Did you know your focus creates your reality? Are you aware where your focus is? Is it on what you want? Or is it on

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