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Creating tension to achieve your goals

Your focus creates your reality, however, you need to create tension for propulsion. What is it? It’s the key to achieving your goals! Watch my video to find out more

What do you want to create for 2017?

I’d love you to join me for my next Abundance talk to help you gain clarity on what you really want to attract to your life during 2017. You’ll leave

We create the whole of our reality!

I want to share something that happened to me this week. I have recently set up my Sydney apartment to go on Airbnb when I am not using it. In

2nd October, 99 Days

We have 99 days left of the calendar year. Are you on track? It certainly got Garrett and I thinking about where we are at. It’s been a big year

The Power of Intention

Every night before I go to sleep I write down 5 things I am grateful for (gratitude I have talked about in a previous blog) and I also write down

Good Morning!

I have been house sitting in Sydney in a different area to where I live and I go for a walk most mornings. The area where I live I know

Global Perception – Where’s your focus?

It’s an interesting time, especially in the western world with what can seem like much political instability and drama. The old systems are no longer working so they are breaking

My first year… no Booze

On Sunday it will be 12 months since I have had a drink. From someone that used to be real binge drinker and one that felt he needed alcohol to

Home Update

Well we found our new home and it’s perfect. Funnily enough it’s in the neighbouring suburb that we weren’t looking in, and already we have made new friends two streets

Manifesting a Home

We are in the process of setting up a home in Melbourne as Garrett, my husband, has a new job there, so we will be splitting our time between both

Are you addicted to being busy?

One of my dear clients came to me and he was stressed about being busy, not having enough time to run his business effectively and do the things he loves.

Keep an eye on the comms out!

Be careful what communication you put out to your clients, or in fact anyone. As some of you know I own a Real Estate business which involves Property Management. We

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