Taking Action

The days that I find are the most powerful for me, are the days that I create space to tune in on what my inspired actions are to take for that day. And, if you work with me, you will know that we always tune in on what inspired actions are there for you to take in between our life coaching sessions.

Yesterday I did this and one of the actions for me was to write this piece about taking action. Now just because I write the actions out doesn’t mean that it gets done. It doesn’t actually get done until I take the action. And it bugs me until I do it, so here we are, it’s started, and the momentum has begun.

If you are anything like me there will be certain things that are effortless to do and others that get put off. I particularly put off creative things like writing my blogs. I procrastinate and delay, I can come up with all manner of excuses. You see it is my ego at play, my ego which comes from fear, fear of my greatness and fear of failing at the creation. It’s resistance and attachment at play.

So the key is to first acknowledge the Ego (yourself) with compassion and just push forward. Just as I have done now to get this piece underway.

And in this instance, it comes down to me putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard and creating the space to take action. The act of doing so opens up to the creative flow, opens up to the universe, to source, to support with the creation.

The same goes with anything you get the inspiration to do. It’s so important to take the action, even if it appears small.

The small steps lead you to where you are meant to go; the greater, bigger more abundant you.

Notice where you have resistance. Acknowledge it and push through. Then, as I said the momentum occurs, more inspiration comes forth, or support externally and it just starts unfolding. Before you know it you have completed your creation.

I recently read this fantastic book about this very subject its called the War on Art by Steven Pressfield. An excellent and easy read on this very subject.

Keep moving forward, step by step in your abundance.

Love & light

take action

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