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The Shadow & the Light

The Shadow and the Light! As we grow and evolve, our shadow selves come up to be dealt with, if we will allow them. What I have found for myself,



10 days of silence and meditation It’s been about 3 weeks since I have come back from Vipassana and I felt that I wanted to share my experience with you.

Law of Nature

Harnessing the Universe to support you

The universe wants to support you to have an abundant life. When you allow yourself to receive it, it will happen. Think about nature for a moment. In fact, if

Leading a thriving life

I’d love to share with you a special recording between myself and Julian Noel, Entrepreneur, Change Maker and Founder of Shine. In this recording, we discuss the process of leading

The four year old running the show!

Last month I turned 50. It was a wonderful celebration where I bought many of my beautiful dear friends together for a wonderful long lunch and then had a week at

exchanging vows

Treasure the Present!

Today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary and has me thinking about this very special day, a day I can remember fully and completely. Not only was it the day that

The Christmas Frenzy!

Can you feel it? That manic energy that goes on. Well, we are at choice whether we buy into the frenzy or not. The collective behaviour that everything must be

When it’s time to surrender

I want to share a big lesson and experience of expansion I’ve just had on surrendering. I’ve just come back from co-facilitating a retreat up at beautiful Byron Bay with

When the sh*t hits the fan

This blog was inspired by a client session this morning. When I start working with people they are bringing forth a new way of being, a new way of operating.

take action

Taking Action

The days that I find are the most powerful for me, are the days that I create space to tune in on what my inspired actions are to take for

The Joy Spot

Joy! “The J Spot”

I was inspired to write about this from the lovely Mel from my gym. She leads us in spin class on Saturdays and Sundays and I often bump into her

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