Follow your Joy. Your Guidance too.

My new home. My joy!

When I last wrote my blog I was at the tail end of my Hotel Quarantine experience which as I reflect on my two weeks it was an incredible time of being able to go within. As you might remember, I very much had my focus on my end result being at the retreat I was facilitating.

The retreat was incredible and if you have worked with me before you will know, all I do is have a clear intention and come from a state of presence and allow it to unfold, for the highest good. When this happens we leave space for magic to occur and this is exactly what unfolded.

The land at this retreat is very sacred indigenous land with very ancient trees, forest and areas where the ancestors lived and breathed. It’s a magical place with much wildlife including echidnas, wallabies, platypus, and of course significant bird life. When you tune in to the environment, it is communicating to you. It is also very healing, with many activations, releasing of old ways and messages and communications coming in for the new.

We also had beautiful food, lots of walks, massage, fire ceremonies, meditations and much learning and so much Joy.

After the retreat I headed up to Northern NSW staying with my dear friends on their beautiful farm. As things still looked a long way off freeing up in Melbourne, my husband Garrett supported me in staying longer up north. So I tuned in on what I would love and that was finding somewhere of my own to live on a beautiful property and experience what it would be like to live remotely (of course with good internet). I wanted it to be as simple yet as comfortable as possible and somewhere that Garrett could also join me as soon as he could get out of Melbourne. As soon as I got clear on what I was choosing, the perfect place manifested – a small farm in a little town in the Northern Rivers regions of NSW.

I love it so much here. The energy is incredible, the climate is perfect for me and it is so incredibly beautiful. It is also completely off the grid.

The power of intention is so important so I had to be completely clear on what I needed.

The pre-requisite was good internet which was my biggest concern as I need to be able to continue to run my business (mostly on Zoom). Interestingly, I use Telstra for my phone and internet at home as it was by belief that it is the best.

On my move-in day last week, I was getting guidance to look at Optus. When I arrived at the Lismore shopping centre I saw the Telstra shop and thought oh I’ll just go to Telstra I had a chat with the lady and she told me about the plans, of which I had to commit to a monthly plan and the person to do it couldn’t see me for an hour so I booked in the time. Meanwhile I went and did some groceries, and it niggled me to go to Optus so I did.
They said they didn’t have any dongles in stock but Big W had them and included 50 gigs free to try for the month. Perfect! I thought I can try it out and if it’s no good I can go back to Telstra. As it turns out Telstra coverage on the property is terrible. Literally one bar and Optus is on full coverage.

I’m so grateful.

The moral here is to listen to your guidance, even when so-called logic is pulling you in another direction.

Having been here so far for just four days, I am loving the simplicity, the space, the beauty, the birdlife and the energy, I even got out and weeded, mulched and planted yesterday, and loved every minute of it. I think this city boy is fast adjusting to country life.

I am completely in my Joy!

My next workshop (from the farm) is Saturday 24th October. The theme of this one is Joy.

What does my life look like when you choose Joy? What comes from this place of Joy? What are you doing? Who are you doing it with?

We will look at what blocks your joy, I will take you through a recode process to clear any resistance from having your joy and you will leave with inspire actions to take.

I’d love for you to join me because this place of joy is something that we all must experience.

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