We create the whole… even the incidents

Three weeks ago today I had a wee incident on the farm rolling my ATV. This resulted in a whack on the side of my head and broken and bruised ribs which has been very painful. I’ve found the pain is worse when one moves, coughs, sneezes (excruciating) or tries to lie on one’s side.

I haven’t taken this event lightly as I know we create the whole of our reality. This is so because our thoughts and feelings are harnessing frequencies, those frequencies are being emitted out into the field creating our experiences. This is how manifestation works. 

So I really enquired into what was this about and what are the gifts or lessons I can take from the whole experience.

The first realisation was that I was due to go to Auckland for the weekend and whilst I was looking forward to going and seeing everyone, the trip was on the back of the previous three weekends being away. I remembered a passing thought that I didn’t want to go and how could I get out of it (yet not really meaning it). 

Lesson 1: Be careful what you wish for.

Lesson 2 was a gift. I was forced to slow down – to move slowly, to get up and down slowly, to walk and move mindfully. This new pace brought me into greater presence.

Lesson 3 was learning to sleep on my back. I have always been a side sleeper particularly on one side, however the problem with this is it has caused shoulder discomfort over the years by favouring one side. I have noticed an improvement in my right shoulder from my new sleeping pattern.

Lesson 4: Creating the space to accelerate my healing with self love. I set the intention to heal quickly. As a result, things have just shown up, including the most amazing energetic chiropractor referred by one of my clients. He works with energy and somatic breath and only gentle adjustments. After only one session I felt massive shifts in my body not relating to the ribs but with long held resistance  and trauma held in my body. The bruising healed very quickly after that as my body was in balance.

Lesson 5: Asking for help and getting it with great enthusiasm. I haven’t been able to do all the things I usually can and realising that people love to help. Asking for help is not something that I usually do.

Lesson 6: Wear a seatbelt in my ATV. Pretty obvious, hey.

Lesson 7: Wonderment at the amazing healing ability that my body has.

Lesson 8: Appreciation for Apollo the ATVs strength and resilience my neighbour got it back on its wheels the next day and it’s as good as gold.

Lesson 9: Great appreciation for all the insights I have discovered, and that I have been able to continue my work through the whole experience.

I am now at week three and other than some rib discomfort on the right hand side with some movements and I am recovering quickly and well. 

On another note, we have just started the latest Creating Beyond Group coaching program. This is a sacred group container with a Monday meditation and a fortnightly group call. We have space for some more if you are curious about being in a supported co-creative space to create beyond.

will also be in Sydney Friday 19th July co-facilitating a breath workshop with my amazing teacher Kate Lucas and you are all invited. If you’ve wondered what breathwork is all about or if you are ready to go into a higher state of consciousness then this is for you. 

I also have another retreat coming up 21-24 October at the stunning Wybalena Organic Farm in the Byron Hinterland and I am also actively inviting in new clients ready to step up and work with me into creating beyond.

If you’d like more information on any event, please just click on the link below to email me. 

With Love & Abundance

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