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When the sh*t hits the fan

This blog was inspired by a client session this morning. When I start working with people they are bringing forth a new way of being,

take action

Taking Action

The days that I find are the most powerful for me, are the days that I create space to tune in on what my inspired

The Joy Spot

Joy! “The J Spot”

I was inspired to write about this from the lovely Mel from my gym. She leads us in spin class on Saturdays and Sundays and

Forgiveness… Why Bother?

I’ve been talking a lot about Ho’oponopono lately, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, and funnily enough, I’ve had a quite a few opportunities


I had a very clear download that came to me in the early hours of Sunday morning and it has very much created a theme


What is available when we come from Presence? Please join me to see how I prepare for a talk. Being present makes a world of


I want to share about manifesting. We all have the ability to manifest whatever is true for us. Here I outline what you can do


We are all creative beings. The creative power that is actually within us is unlimited. Everything that you see around you in your material world


Why is being present so important and so useful? There really is only the now. Only this moment. Right now you are reading this article.

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