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Fundamental Life Choices

Every second Saturday I facilitate a Mastermind group. This weekend we discussed fundamental choices. If you have ever had a life coaching session with me or read my book you


It’s been an interesting time of late with the freedoms that we take for granted being taken away very quickly. I experienced it again this week with Melbourne going back

Your Signature Vibration

We are vibrating beings! Everything in our Universe is energy, and that energy is a vibration or a frequency. So whatever the vibration or frequency that you are putting out

AirBnB and Manifesting

As a life coach and an Abundance coach, I get tested on my teachings all the time. One of my fun ways to play with my manifesting abilities is with

The Ego Hates Uncertainty

I talked earlier this year about the “shake up” we are having. When I wrote the article I had no idea that the COVID-19 pandemic would truly create the shake

This too shall pass

Let’s come together and support each other through this time We are experiencing interesting times. In fact, unchartered territory for most of us. But hey, we are all in this

2019, what a year it’s been

What a big year! It’s been an absolute joy being of service, sharing the journey with you, expanding growing and creating. I absolutely love my work and get such joy


Your focus creates your reality! Do you want to be ahead of the game?Are you clear on your 2020 vision?Are you aligned to your 2020 vision? What are you 2020


Reach for Joy, For Love

Did you know that most of us, myself included, are addicted to fear! This fear is what blocks our power, what essentially blocks our manifestations. You see, we become more

Golden Door Meditations

I’ve just released a series of Golden Door Meditations. They are: Energy Activation Career & Business Financial Abundance Relationships They can be found here. Please enjoy them and make sure

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