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Jason Snaddon feeling good

It’s time to relentlessly feel good!

There is nothing more important at this time. And the real beauty of it is that you get to choose how you feel. When we allow ourselves to be affected

The Covid Jab & The Abundant Response

I have recently had a number of clients and friends ask me my opinion in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine.  In relation to most things I do in my life,


Goodness me I have been in such resistance in writing this blog. I have attempted to start it many times and find myself doing whatever I can to avoid writing

Wishy Washy Wish Wish…

This year for me started off a little bit like that, you see, I had planned to fully be back from the 11th of January and I was available for

We manifested a farm!

In April (during our first lock down) I revised all my choices. If you have worked with me, been to one of my workshops or read my book, the key

Follow your Joy. Your Guidance too.

When I last wrote my blog I was at the tail end of my Hotel Quarantine experience which as I reflect on my two weeks it was an incredible time


It’s just after 4am on my 14th day of mandatory hotel quarantine in Sydney.  In just under 12 hours I am free. I have a very clear intention to be

Fundamental Life Choices

Every second Saturday I facilitate a Mastermind group. This weekend we discussed fundamental choices. If you have ever had a life coaching session with me or read my book you


It’s been an interesting time of late with the freedoms that we take for granted being taken away very quickly. I experienced it again this week with Melbourne going back

Your Signature Vibration

We are vibrating beings! Everything in our Universe is energy, and that energy is a vibration or a frequency. So whatever the vibration or frequency that you are putting out

AirBnB and Manifesting

As a life coach and an Abundance coach, I get tested on my teachings all the time. One of my fun ways to play with my manifesting abilities is with

The Ego Hates Uncertainty

I talked earlier this year about the “shake up” we are having. When I wrote the article I had no idea that the COVID-19 pandemic would truly create the shake

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