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Morning Practice

Do you have a morning practice? Did you know most highly successful people have a morning practice including Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg &

Get real!

I’ve talked many times about your focus creating your reality, but there is also another very important step. That step is about getting real, being

What are you attracting?

I was looking at Facebook this morning and I noticed that some people really put a lot of energy into the negative things that happen

Oh what a morning!

Have you ever had one of those days where one thing after another seems to go wrong? That was my morning… six things in a

What were you thinking?

Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog for 2016. Most people talk about intentions or resolutions for the year, but I want to

Where’s ya focus?

What are you focused on? Did you know your focus creates your reality? Are you aware where your focus is? Is it on what you

Fun fun fun!

If you have been following my posts of late there has been a bit of a theme around fun. You see we are always at

What’s it really about?

I lead an Abundance breakfast each fortnight, which is essentially a space to create focus – we tap into each others collective inner wisdom of

How about some Acknowledgement?

I was out on my morning walk, and thinking about what I was grateful for. I had a realisation about what a big year it

How do you feel about what you want?

Have you ever set a goal or target and thought “yeah, that would be great, but its not really achievable”? Did you achieve it? It’s

The Best Tool in My Tool Box

I started my Monday morning with that Monday morning-itis feeling. You know the anxiety in the tummy feeling. I was worried about all the balls

Oh no I can’t fit it all in!

I am currently in Manly with the Mastermind group I belong to. We meet four times a year and have a weekly call. This group

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