What’s with the suffering? Jibby Jab or Not!

Oh goodness, I’ve really not wanted to bring more attention to this subject as it’s taken so much energy up for us all, and it seems there is still so much varying opinion. 

But alas my guides are bugging me to talk about this divisive subject. 

If you have been following me you will see I wrote a blog back in May about this which talks about loving and accepting each other no matter our choices on the matter. You can read that here… And by doing so you create freedom. 

When I wrote that,  what I didn’t say was that I was firmly never having the jab. It didn’t resonate with me, nor did I feel it necessary for me as I can see the bigger picture which is not important to go into here. 

Then came the restrictions, not unexpected but still restrictions for the un-jabbed. With that, it bought up anger, resistance, frustration and it was constantly on my mind. So much of my energy was being expended on this subject. I was not in Abundance or Freedom within. 

I was invited to join a meditation on this very subject back in early October facilitated by two of my friends/mentors. In the meditation I experienced what it would be like to have the vaccination, which one to have, where, how it felt, and how it made me feel. It was a powerful experience but still didn’t change my mind in any way. What it did do was give me greater ease.

That Saturday I was gardening, in my joy and very present in the moment, then a voice said to me, you can have the vaccine now if you so choose. I tuned in more on it, tuned in on what one to have, (ironically different to the one I’d had in the meditation). I also got guided to have a 1:1 session with one of the facilitators of the meditation beforehand to transmute it fully. 

Through that experience I learnt how to transmute it fully, which involved facing into all the fear, all the resistance and all the aspects of the jab head on. I had transmuted it energetically. I was ready. 

Once I had booked it, all the pushing back, all the resistance I had experienced evaporated, which made me realise how out of Abundance I had been. I hadn’t been feeling good.

So, when it came to having both jabs it was very easy. Other than feeling tired after the first one, it was pretty much a non-event. And there is none of it now in my system whatsoever. I fully transmuted it. I will show you how I know this when you come to my talk that I mention later in this blog. 

Then came the really interesting part. In my mind I had made up that I would be asked to show my certificate everywhere I wanted to go,  that I hadn’t been able to go to before. To my surprise, since the 10th of November, I have literally been asked for it four times, and that includes a very social and busy trip to Sydney that involved cafes, restaurants and shopping. So all that fear and resistance had really turned into a non- event, and very interesting to observe.  

The other thing I noticed particularly from my Sydney visit was the joy, freedom and ease that I noticed in others, who were clearly free to go where they wanted. I even attended a gala dinner with 200 people where, once we were in,  the masks were off, there was hugging each other in greeting and lots of dancing and everyone having a lovely time, and Covid issues were no longer the main topic of conversation. It was so joyful. 

In contrast to that, I have witnessed the opposite way of operating in many of those who are against it. It’s the main topic of conversation, they are in anger, resistance and fear. I get it,  I was there. And I also get why, and I understand. This isn’t about having the jab or not, it’s about moving out of the resistance and coming into a place of freedom within whatever you choose. 

I am so grateful to have had the experience of seeing both sides, it has given me the freedom and now the tools to help neutralise and transmute it for others. 

This Thursday evening 7-8:15pm Sydney/Melbourne time I will be going deeper by giving a talk and guiding a meditation on this subject. This is for anyone who is dissatisfied with the jab mandates or any aspect of the Covid situation whether you are jabbed or un-jabbed. The intention for you if you to attend is to discuss how you can free yourself from the yuckiness of it all and move into neutrality and thus freedom. 

If this is you, book here

All I ask in return for a small donation which will go to ACON in support of World AIDS Day which was 1 December.  

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