Love and Peace is the Alchemy!

Ooh it’s been a magical few weeks since I wrote to you last. Sure there have been some interesting challenges along the way, particularly with wild weather, but so much magic and miracle has shown up.

If you read my last blog, I had a breakthrough in the realisation that the ego was running the show. I was stuck in my limitedness, but when I shone a light on it I was able to choose again and that was to be my Super Conscious Powerful Self.

You see, I had a massive realisation that I was addicted to not being at Peace. Interesting hey. Always looking for something to be dissatisfied with. Now this was subtle and very unconscious. It also served me to reach for more, to reach for something better.

But the thing with Peace is, it’s part of the alchemy for manifestation. If we are at Peace (I’m talking inner peace by the way) there is no resistance, there is no attachment, just allowing. And when we add in wonderment, magic starts happening.

The key is to be at peace even when we are rattled by something.

What would it be like to focus on Peace?

The other aspect to Alchemy is Love. Again, where there is Love there is no resistance, where there is Love is in fact Peace. There is no resistance where there is Love, no attachment again, just allowing.

My lovely friend in NZ Marshall Smith, composed the linked piece of music at the frequency of 528 hz which is the frequency of love and I have created meditations to this music, but I have also been experimenting with it by just meditating with this music in the background with the intention of harnessing Peace and Love. Maybe you might be inspired to try this? I’d love to hear how you go. Here is the link:

You can also get answers, connect into your heart. What would love have me do? What would love have me say? Where would love have me be? A great way to tap into your higher knowing for answers.

I will be going deeper with this subject on Saturday at my fortnightly Zoom group meditation. Here is the Zoom link. All welcome.

Or if you would like to see me in person in Sydney came along to my talk and activation on The Alchemy of Manifestation at the Academy of Light Monday 27th June at 7.30pm in Mosman. Here is the link: 

Lastly, I am particularly focused on working with new clients who are looking to create the new. What hasn’t been created before? The next? What is here beyond what has been envisioned before. If this sounds like you, book in a coffee and chat via zoom with me here:

With great Love & Abundance

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